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Jul 7, 2013

Pure white

Ok, I admit, that I am kind of crazy about this summerish white clutch and I can't promise that you won't see it soon! 
Traditional Russian print called 'Gzhel' (from the name of the city) or porcelain print started to inspire designers long time ago and since this summer is all about prints, why not to try it on? As we all know, classic marine combo is white, blue and red so today I choose simplicity.
What about shoes? They are red ballet flats which I couldn't capture because the battery of my camera gone empty )

Ладно, стоит признать, что я влюблена в свой новый белый клатч, и не могу вам обещать, что вы скоро снова его не увидите )
Традиционная русская гжель уже давно вдохновляет дизайнеров всего мира, и т.к. нынешнее лето посвящено всевозможным принтам, почему бы не использовать гжель в своем аутфите? ) А насколько нам известно, типичное морское сочетание - это белый, синий и красный, сегодня я решила пойти наипростейшим путем в создании образа )
Туфли? Сегодня это красные балетки, которые я просто не успела сфотографировать, т.к. села батарейка у моей камеры.

Sheinside dress /  Choies bag /  Asos watch 

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  1. Love your dress, the print is so pretty, you look terrific sweety.

  2. such a lovely dress, reminds me of delft blue ornament, the colors look good on you, nice to combine with red/coral which here is the necklace.

  3. Olga u look amazing as usual!!

    Im having a Swarovski giveaway on my blog! Come and take a look! xxx

  4. очень красиво,,,,,, косички милые!

  5. Your dress is really fantastic:) Colours are lovely:)

  6. The white dress is lovely with its many blue accents. Your braided hair is as beautiful as your face and smile. Dazzling loveliness in this outfit.

  7. Great dress! Looks perfect for the summer! The motive is lovely :)

  8. Awesome outfit!!! xoxo;))

  9. you look so pretty, love your hair, so beautiful! xx

  10. Your braids are adorable ^_^ The outfit is beautiful as always. Love the original necklace :)

  11. Просто здорово! Loving the "гжель."

  12. such a lovely dress.. love it :)

    oh, and you hv beautiful eyes btw :)

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    Miss Aa

  13. The print is gorgeous! It looks super cute with your hair like that too :)
    Jessica xx


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