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Sep 25, 2010

Geoje Island

Last weekend we spend in Geoje island - the south-east side of Korea.
Hot weather, beautiful nature, a lot of foreigners make this place perfect.
Geoje island is the biggest one among all others situated near by. The number of small ones are over 100.
I didn't think a lot about my looks, I just relaxed...
So did my hair - I can't organize them because of strong wind~

Second day we spent in Oedo-Botania - a small island with manmade arcitecture of Greece.
I loved that place the moment I get there

Do you remember the first scene of "Twilight" movie? :)
The picture was shot from our cablecart

First look:
Max Mara dress
Marmalato sandal
Chanel sunglasses
Lace bracelet

Second look:
Victoria's secret dress
Chanel sunglasses
Marmalato sandal
Balibiki canvas bag


  1. не могу разглядеть аксессуары жёлтые( но они мне даже издалека так нравятся!

  2. я как-нибудь сфотографирую отдельно )

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