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Aug 25, 2010


It would be a blog of a traveller, shopaholic and a blonde gal
I am absolutely not an asian one, but almost turned into asian
coz have been spent last 5 years in South Korea.

The reason of creating this blog is an attempt to find a new style for me.
And the journey starts now~ 

So, usually my journey begins in Seoul Internation Airport.
This time the first stop was in Beijing.
I'm  so in love with pandas  - famous WWF symbol - that always buy one on my way home


Now I see that it would have been better if I took those picts with  my  DSLRcamera...
Here comes the first photos took in Russia

 Japanese style dinner with my younger Bro. 
And yes, we were boring waiting our order )

Forever 21 Skinny jeans, Beret and Tank
Balenciaga City in Royal blue
Guess heels
Chanel sunglasses
DKNY watch
Tiffany&Co heart charm and bracelet

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